Interview with Mayshad Women Magazin 01/17

Interview with Mayshad Women Magazin 01/17

Interview with Mayshad Women Magazin 01/17

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He is a self-taught artist that began in his early years at school. During this time and until 2012 he never showed his work to the publicly. After his early experiments in painting and art he decides to do a 4 years apprenticeship as a sign maker and went to the visual school of art in Bern, Switzerland. There he learned all the different techniques from writing with feathers, working with gold leaf, the color gauge, screen printing and all the other important aspects of creating. With this goal in mind, he made the life changing decision in March 2014 to become a full time artist. This has given him the opportunity to find his unique style.He also started to produce different accessories with his art on it and created his own Art brand. This was the birth of the BUBU Collection. He is the International Emerging Artist Award Dubai 2016 Winner.

Bubu Collection includes Art beach towels, Art street wear and Art Scarves that are very colorful, and an interior collection that is eye catching! Could you please share with us the source of your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from several things. First, for sure from the nature, its beautiful forms and colors which I everyday enjoy ! I believe that we all should care more about our nature. Then, the other two strong inspirations I have are my daily life ;  the people I meet, the music I listen to, the news on the radio, the pictures I discover on instagram and the last one is my passion for travel and other cultures. that’s why I’m always looking for special Art residencies in other countries, remote places or big cities. For instance, at the moment I work on two special art residencies : one in the fidschis and the other one in shanghai. Let’s see what comes up next year !


Could you please describe your inspiring Creations in Brief words?

I call my unique style : CHIC-CHAOS. The color combinations are so in harmony and soulful. On this harmony background, I create my Unique believers (Faces) with a lot of details and messages or in other words the chaos:)

Anyone who has seen one of my paintings will remember my style forever. for me it’s very important that every piece has a deep soul and transports lots of Love and positive Energy into to the room around the world.

Congratulations on your International Emerging Artist Award Dubai 2016! Could you share with us the feeling of this unique experience?

Thank you so much. Actually it was the first Art Award I’ve ever applied to, and it looks like the people were really getting inspired by my work and that was an unbelievable feeling just to know I’m on the right way.

Based on the Following Description, How do you relate the Mayshad Woman Philosophy?

To Be a Mayshad Woman, is a Choice a Woman makes to live a stimulated life with a positive Philosophy based on Gratitude, Acceptance and Accomplishment, in order to Be Who She Wants to Be. She handles different Aspects of her Life with Confidence, and makes sure to always remain Herself, guarding her own values.

I relate to the Mayshad Woman Philosophy in the way that I’m a very positive human soul. I believe in myself, in Karma and in my talent. At the beginning, most of the people here in Switzerland thought I was totally insan
e for quitting my safe 9-5 marketing job and becoming a full time artist, leaving the country for quite some time and trying to find my way in the international art world. I’m still struggling sometimes to know how to pay rent or invoices but I still believe in myself and I work every day 10-15 hours for my dream.

LOVE is the main Power in doing what I love and I put so much Love and passion in every piece everyday –  this way can’t fail ! I think one day I will get into Big Galleries, Shows and what is more important is uncountable soulful houses around the world.

The  most beautiful thing on earth is when I hang a painting somewhere in a house and I see the smiling faces because of what I created. Sometimes I only get the photos of my babies hanging there but I receive so many lovely emails on how the positive energy of my painting lifts up the energy in the room. Every time they walk by, they have a smile on their faces. What more could I ask for.

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